You are a health counselor and educator who has good listening skills


you are a health counselor and educator who has good listening skills and who is sensitive to cultural differences. How would you have handled the first session with Duprees differently?


i need essay about health counseling interview session , and answer the quadiance questions.


it will essay format and introduction and conclusion .


How might counseling help the Duprees?

What are the potential multicultural issues about which you must be sensitive in working with the Dupree family ?

How would you use your Attending, empathy and observational skills to help the duprees to tell their story?

What kinds of questions might you ask the Duprees to help the interview flow and gain critical information about them?

How would you use your active listening skills of encouraging, paraphrasing and summarizing to build an empathic relationship with the Dupree family ?

How might you reflect feelings to hel the duprees better understand and clarify their feelings and support their expressiveness in away that helps both cognitive functioning and emotional regulation?

After helping the Dupree family to draw out and elaborate their story, what do you think are the major concerns and challenges for the duprees and what are their strengths and resources?

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