Written submitted summary of the student’s interview with a product


Requires you to interview a Product Manager (PM). Ideally, you will target to interview the PM of a product (a market area or an industry) related to the topic AR and VR. 

However, we do recognize that this is not always possible (or they may not be willing to speak on the record). If this is the case just identify a product manager you have access to and willing to be interviewed. Please, disclose that the transcript of the interview will be used for a class assignment and it will be read by others. 

You will need to create your own set of questions (typically 5 to 10 questions, maximum of two pages) that will provide insights into some of the areas listed below. The interview should last typically 15 to 20 minutes. 

Guidelines: It is expected that you write two pages summarizing the highlights of the interview (Arial 11 space 1.5, 1” borders). Support information can be included in appendixes. You can include links to Web sites and show your interaction with the firm’s blogs/social media. The total individual report should have a max of 5 pages included the appendixes 

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