Week 5 report | statistics for research methods II


Download GAD.xlsx data set here. It shows graduate program admission decisions (Yes: 1 and No: 2), GRE score and undergraduate GPA for twenty-five students.


  • Examine if the given data is suitable for the application of linear discriminant analysis.
  • Create a linear discriminant function predicting admission decisions.
  • Comment on the classification accuracy.
  • Predict the admission decision given GRE score = 690 and GPA = 3.2.
  • Perform logistic regression analysis for the data.
  • Compare the classification accuracies of both methods.

Submission Details:

  • Submit a 3–4 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.
  • The relevant Minitab output should be copied to this document.
  • Name your document BUS7205_W5_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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