Week 3 – role-play | LEA 420 Socio Cultural Intelligence in Criminal Justice

My last name is Gutierrez

-Students whose last name begins with:

A-F: Law Enforcement Agency

G-L: Court (i.e., Bailiff or Jury Coordinator)

M-R: Prosecutor’s Office

S-Z: Corrections (i.e., Jail, Probation, or Parole)

Initial Post: In your post, assume your assigned role, and address the following key points in an explanation to students:

Define sociocultural intelligence.

Explain why it is important for them as new supervisors.

Identify possible implications for not developing or demonstrating sociocultural intelligence in their new role.

Your post should demonstrate what you have learned about implicit and explicit bias, the impact on internal and external stakeholder trust, organizational legitimacy, and procedural justice.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length.

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