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Doctoral Level Writing, attached are the instructions.


The rapidly aging U.S. populaon and increased incidence of acute and chronic diseases are some of the challenges the healthcare system will face in the near future. Studies show that the healthcare system will experience a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals as providers near rerement age. According to the American Associaon of Medical Colleges, the U.S. will face a shortage of 40,800 to 104,900 physicians by 2030 (Kirch & Petelle, 2017). The shortage for surgical speciales is even more alarming! The same organizaon reported that a third of the nursing workforce aged 55 years or older have expressed a desire to rere in the next ten years. Unfortunately, as healthcare professionals connue to age and rere, fewer younger people are replacing them. Therefore, the rates at which the healthcare industry is losing health professionals surpasses provider replacement rates. 

You are a healthcare administrator at the director level in a large academic health system in your state. The Director of Human Resources has brought to your aenon that seven out of twelve primary care providers (PCP) in your hospital have nofied Human Resources of their plans to rere within the next three years. Knowing how hard it is to recruit PCPs, the Director wants a proacve approach to the ancipated shortage. The Director is worried about the potenal impact this would have and asks you to discuss the situaon with the Chief Execuve Officer (CEO). 

Your CEO is aware of some provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially the establishment of the Naonal Health Care Workforce      

Commission (NHCWC). However, the CEO is not sure what those provisions are and how your hospital can benefit from them as an academic health instuon. The CEO asks you to educate him and the Board of Directors on these provisions relave to the circumstances idenfied above. 

Your assignment is to write a memo to your CEO and address the following: 

  1. State the problem and its impact on how care is delivered to your hospital.
  2. Discuss the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in regards to the purpose of the Naonal Health Care Workforce Commission (NHCWC).
  3. Discuss how your instuon may benefit from the provisions in the ACA/NHCWC.
  4. Ensure your proposal details specific soluons to the potenal shortage of PCPs at your hospital. You may address this issue from either an operaonal, resources management or policy perspecve. 


Length: 2‐3 pages.

References: Use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources. 


Your memo should demonstrate thoughul consideraon of the ideas 

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