Urgent! have to make a communication brief for a case stude

Communication Brief

Length: Please limit your response to three to four pages (750-1000 words) or less.

This part of the assignment will be assessed using the following criteria:

·         the comprehensiveness of the recommendations

·         the use of marketing concepts and analysis to support the recommendations

Read the video case summary The Brand Man on page 236 in the textbook and watch the video case The Brand Man on the MyMarketingLab website. Then complete the following:

A.            Assume the role of “Bernie” as he considers how to improve upon their current level of success. Develop a two- to three-page communication brief for the next phase of the “Lotus Land” branding strategy, for one target audience that you think is important to their growth. Assume that you have a $50,000 budget to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications plan. (Do not worry about the question of whether or not he plans to get involved with their next venture. We are interested here in developing a Communications brief for the existing Lotusland Wines for the next year.)

In your brief you should specify:

·         i) target audience profile (5 marks)

·         ii) communication objective(s) (5 marks)

·         iii) overall communications strategy (5 marks)

·         iv) positioning (describe and illustrate with a map) and key messages (5 marks)

·         v) communications tactics (how to break through the perceptual screens) (5 marks)

·         vi) communications mix to support your strategies (5 marks)

·         vii) suggestions for creative concept and execution (5 marks)

·         viii) budget allocation (how much money you will allocate to different elements of the communications mix and why) (5 marks)

Note that media scheduling, placement, and evaluation are not part of this assignment. Provide a rationale for your recommendations using consumer behaviour insights, marketing concepts, and analysis.

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