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1. Members will review the Checkpoints included under the Guideline he/she selected to identify a specific strategy aligned to the Guideline. Each group member will review the professional literature using the UWF library databases to identify one or more peer-reviewed articles from the UWF library databases that addresses the UDL strategy he/she selected. The article(s) will be properly cited within the paper and listed in the references section. This is the individual component of the assignment 

2.. Each group member will write their own summary for their selected article in paragraph format to include the following three components. Use each of the bulleted items as a heading.

• Description of the strategy

• Explanation of how the strategy reduces learning barriers

• Explanation of the alignment of the strategy to the selected UDL Guideline

Formatting Guidelines:

i. APA 7thth ed. (in-text citations, complete reference of article used, double space)

ii. Direct quotes are not allowed. Please use your own words based on what was described in the article.

Please see attached files and here is the website with the checklist stating Representation





Please look into all checkpoints from each web page.

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