Sources of chinese tradition from earliest times to 1600. and

Forum: October 14 debates! 

Confucians vs. Daoists 1

The importance of morality

Confucians vs. Daoists 2

The importance of social hierarchy

Forum: October 28 discussion 

discussion thread 1

How does the challenge of Buddhism affect Han Yu’s understanding of the Confucian tradition?

discussion thread 2

To what extent do Han Yu’s arguments differ in approach or in content from earlier writers like Mencius and Xunzi?

Forum: November 18 discussion thread 

Your alternatives to Zhu Xi’s proposed reforms

Be sure to assess one of Zhu Xi’s proposed reforms and provide your own alternative reform that addresses the problem. Later, return to the discussion and post an assessment of one of your classmates’ proposed reforms.

Forum: December 9 discussion

The Confucian frame

Scholarship on East Asian politics and economic development of the last few decades tends to emphasize “Confucianism” as a common frame of reference that transcends national boundaries. What evidence do you see for and against this approach in today’s readings? How does Fujiwara Seika understand the development of a tradition of Confucian scholarship?

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