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Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr continue to review and revise their policies regarding the protection of free speech. Given their widely diverse audiences that include international users, commercial users, celebrities, and political dissidents, how can social media best develop audience-centered policies regarding free speech, while simultaneously providing policies that discourage cyber-bullying and other abusive activities? Provide approximately three to four short paragraphs in essay format that gives your opinion on this matter, citing any outside sources in proper APA format is necessary to support your claims.



__/4:  Essay is written in essay format, (intro with thesis, body, and summary conclusion), good grammar, sentence structure, and college level writing

__/1:  Answers evidence critical thinking and are detailed enough to clearly make the writer’s point

__/1:  When needed, there are sources provided in proper APA format for citation

__/4:  Essay adequately answers the other prompts for the assignment

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