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The course project/final exam is a case analysis: Innovating [email protected]  This case is available as part of the Harvard Coursepack.

This case is being provided to you now to allow time to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Your work must formatted in the APA style with a cover page and reference page.  Provide at least ten (10) references to support your thoughts.  Your work should be between at least 20 pages not including your cover page and reference page.  Play close attention to APA formatting and ensure that all work is cited properly.

When considering the case prompts, objective is to follow a problem solving approach that reflects insight based upon analysis and research.

Provide a detailed analysis of the case based upon the following case prompts: 

  1. Why did Reihold Achatz agree to move from a 2000 person R&D organization at Siemens to a 20 person organization at tk?
  2. How effective has Achatz been in transforming tk’s innovation process so far?  What grade would you give his performance so far?
  3. Why did Achatz choose to start with a new PLM process, as he developed tk’s new innovation process?
  4. How can a small central R&D organization motivate powerful business units to cooperate with new innovation initiatives?
  5. Where should the new projects shown in Exhibit 4 go in the tk innovation process?  Place each project in the part of the tk process where you think it fits best?  What criteria di you use to address this question?
  6. What role does open innovation play in tk’s innovation process?

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