Research paper and power point presentation


Subject Name: Information Security and Risk Management

Need a research paper of 12 to 15 pages

Power point presentation 12 to 15 slides.

Please read the information and instructions carefully below


You are the CIO for a Federal Credit Union.  It recently merged several state credit unions under one roof. They now are responsible for the checking, savings, credit cards, and mortgage loans for the credit unions they merged with. They have regional centers stationed in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Each city has a data center which houses 10 physical servers, over 1000 virtual servers, and hosts their nearly 5,000 employees along with  customers and vendors.

You will need to complete the following:     

Using the methodologies we have covered:

·         Conduct a Risk Assessment

·         Create a Risk Mitigation Plan

·         What laws, treaties or conditions apply?

·         Perform a BIA

·         Create a BCP

·         Create a DRP

·         Create a CIRT


This presentation must be supported by the research paper.

Please note the following criteria:

Research paper:

  • Research Paper must be in APA Style
  • Research Paper must have at least 5 works cited (note your book can be included as a reference)
  • Must be at least 10  double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins.

•       6 – 8 pages of prose

•       Limit the number of bulleted lists

•       Prose + charts + figures = 10 pages

  • Total report should be 10 – 15 pages

Presentation will be 100 points and based on the following:

Completeness of the Topic  

Presentation Delivery

Paper will be 200 points:

–          Meets Standard Criteria

–          Completeness/content

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