Report research: artificial intelligence and automation is a problem

 Topic: Artificial intelligence and automation is a problem in the Australian transportation industry. 

 You need to provide a discussion based on evidence and support from academic literature, news media articles, government statistics, and industry reports.

You should address:
–          the lack of understanding and knowledge of the nature of an industry issue
–          the lack of evidence to describe the issue facing your industry and discussing more of the root cause of those challenges might be
–          the lack of a good range of sources to map the issues of your chosen industry
–          the lack of well-researched data. 

1. What are the current problems in Australia caused by artificial intelligence?

2. AI transportation, for example, due to the impact of the new crown adopting the epidemic, many logistics have followed the robot, resulting in many express employees being laid off. (How many couriers are laid off in Australia)

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