Presentation of mktg430 | Marketing homework help


Students must prepare a 15-20 minutes presentation of their written term Project 2. Each team will be allowed up to 20 minutes for their sale presentation. 

Expect 15-20 minutes of Q & A

This presentation will account for 20 percent of your final grade. You must be with your team during their sale presentation to obtain a grade.

Students must make a actual sales presentation – 

You should assume the audience (the class) to be a prospect / potential buyer. 

Business to Business selling better

Ensure negotiation opportunities

Role-playing important

Do all you can to get that sale


You must let me know some pre-sales presentation information & Assumptions :- 

 Type and Profile of buyer/s

 Location and setting of presentation


Hint Hint Hint:
– Don’t forget price details in your presentation

Remember the demo

– Be prepared to negotiate/handle any sale
 objections, concerns, resistance

– Be prepared to face challenging


You must let me know who you want the class to be as customers/buyers, i.e. their profile, roles, etc.

You must let me know the setting of your presentation

Any other assumptions

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