Operational excellence ppt | Computer Science homework help

 Using the factual cases from your own work experience or published cases you discussed in your assigned weekly papers, create a PowerPoint presentation with the following slides: 1. Slide 1: Overview of Organization(s) 

2. Slides 2-15: Provide a summary of the content included in your paper for each of the following chapters, to include the situation/problem and recommendations: 

• Ch. 1: Operations Management 

• Ch. 2: Operations Performance 

• Ch. 3: Operations Strategy 

• Ch. 4: Product & Service Innovation 

• Ch. 5: The Structure & Scope of Operations 

• Ch. 9: People in Operations 

• Ch. 12: Supply Chain Management 

• Ch. 13: Inventory Management 

• Ch. 14: Planning & Control Systems 

• Ch. 15: Lean Operations 

• Ch. 16: Operations Improvement 

• Ch. 17: Quality Management 

• Ch. 18: Managing Risk & Recovery* 

• Ch. 19: Project Management* 

*Although a paper was not assigned for chapters 18 and 19, you should still conduct the research that is required to meet this requirement. 

3. Slide 16: Your overall thoughts of whether the organization was successful or unsuccessful with implementing the strategies from each of the above chapters. 

4. Slide 17: References formatted in APA for all slides. For additional content, use the notes view of PowerPoint to include details. Minimize pictures to those that are relevant to the content. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade. Please review the Academic Dishonesty Policy outlined in the syllabus and in your student handbook.   

 Assessment criteria (25 points per criteria):

 • The presentation makes good use of course concepts/practices/strategies; 

• The presentation demonstrates understanding of Operational Excellence practices; 

• The presentation demonstrates appropriate application of Operational Excellence ideas/concepts /practices/strategies; 

• Thoroughness, appropriateness, and creativity demonstrated by the descriptions; clarity, organization, coherence, and correctness (spelling, grammar) of the writing.  

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