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Create a MIND MAP / INFLUENCE MAP powerpoint for
part one. Using my attached file of my 4 quadrants for influence, create a
map in WORD or POWERPOINT and upload to submit as Word
or pdf or jpeg or other computer format [but not
through a linked drive].

For part two create a short Narrative for the MIND MAP.
Write a discussion and explanation of the mind map.  Why are the items
placed were they are and what “languages” did you use to show the
items’ value, importance and relationship to both you and to the other items in
your map.   Be sure to discuss your use of font, line, boldness,
and  placement, etc that speaks to the items’ value, importance and

All Writing is to be submitted as Word attachments in the
standard format of double-spaced, indented paragraphs, and 1-inch
margins.  The longer essay drafts and assignments should have an APA title
page.  The title page at minimum needs the student’s name, the date, the
title of the paper along with the course title and the semester it is being

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 7:56 AM Writer Dons <[email protected]> wrote:

Assignment Type:
Homework Assignment (Any Type)
4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)
Education Level:
English (US)

Assignment Topic:
Creating a Mind Map

Citation Style:
APA 7th edition

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