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In the United States, companies of all sizes, especially those with more than 15 employees, must adhere to nondiscrimination practices. Even if the company is so small that some of Title VII doesn’t apply, it is incumbent upon the leader to be familiar with federal anti-discrimination laws, including those relevant to gender, race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, and disabilities. Several federal laws exist that define the rights of employees and employers, and these are augmented by a wide variety of state and local laws that further expand these rights. The importance of employment law extends not only to workers and employers. These laws help create a fair and just society for us all.  For this week’s discussion, as a leader of your organization, address the following questions:

What State and Federal Laws related to diversity are essential to your organization, and why?

  1. Name as many federal laws as needed to support your organization
  2. List your state laws that you believe provides the most protection of the rights of all employees
  3. Explain to your colleagues why these laws benefit your organization.

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