Musical description of “if ye love me


This assignment presents two steps:

STEP 1: Listen to “If ye love me” a work by Thomas Tallis – a composer from the Renaissance. One interesting thing is that men sing the soprano and alto voices here. These trained male voices are called contratenors.

As you listen ACTIVELY to this work, focus on the melody and texture elements and answer the questions below. You should listen to it multiple times,

  • do you think the range of the melody narrow, medium or wide?
  • do the melodies tend to be mostly conjunct (moving by steps) or disjunct (moving by skips)?
  • what is the texture in the start of the composition, monophonic, homophonic or polyphonic? 
  • does the texture change along the way? Yes/no?
  • if yes, when does it change? Give the minute mark or the lyrics to signal when it changes.
  • does the work present imitation?
  • what aspects did you find interesting about this work (anything can be mentioned here, even if it does not pertain to melody and texture)? Did it touch you in any way?
  • 100words

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