Music reporter | Mathematics homework help


Assume that as a music reporter for a newspaper, you have the opportunity to interview a Baroque composer for an article you are writing.

  • Choose a composer from the Baroque period.
  • Name the composer in your post.
  • Listen to two compositions written by that composer. Name the compositions in your post. (Note: You may choose a composer not discussed in this week’s reading.)

List five questions you would ask and what you think the composer’s answers would be. (Three questions should be related to music.) Include a link to an example of that composer’s music in your response. Include a thoughtful subject line that reflects your main points.  

Respond to two classmates by asking “the composer” additional questions. Please note these response posts should be well developed and demonstrate understanding of the course materials using information from the reading or other scholarly sources to support your ideas. It is also encouraged that everyone follow up on the questions that are posed to you. Your answer and responses to others will be graded as part of your Discussion participation for this week. Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors in your posts.

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