M04: dress for success research paper


Using at least three sources, research the “how to’s” of personal presentation. Much has been written on dressing for success for both men and women. Use this information to help you plan two interview outfits; one business casual and one, a more formal outfit for business. Choose outfits you might picture yourself wearing to your next interview.

A 2-3-page paper (plus title page and references page) should describe proper business wear (business casual and a more formal business look). You can include what you feel will be the best presentation for you personally. Be sure to look for information on best colors for interview clothing, jewelry and accessories that will complement the outfit, and what to consider regarding tattoos and piercings.

 Please include two photographs, one of a formal business outfit and one of business casual. You can use photos you find online as long as you cite them.

Turnitin is used for this assignment. Once you submit your work, please look at the report that comes up, and make changes accordingly.

Compose this in a Word document. It doesn’t matter what format you use as long as your work is edited, and you have proper references. (Do NOT copy and paste a url only. That is not a proper reference.) Please double-space and use 12-pt font.

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