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Two unit plans are required for this class. Each unit will consist of five lesson plans with scope and sequence following one of the four Generic Levels of Skill Proficiency. Chapters Thirteen through Twenty-six can be used for these units. The lessons MUST come from The Children Moving book! No exceptions will be given.

This is a lesson plan, I have attached the Microsoft  lesson plane template and the textbook below to do the lesson plane. 

open the textbook and go to chapter 26 in the textbook, the chapter is about volleying and dribbling. use the dribble, control level. use the Microsoft lesson plan to answer each of the question.

first lesson plan should be on Dribbling and travelling
second lesson plan should be on Dribbling and looking 

third lesson plan should be on Dribbling at different level 

fourth lesson plan should be Moving switches.

use a different Microsoft lesson plan template for each.

Things to know about the lesson plan template _ TTW mean THE TEACHER WILL, TSW MEAN  THE STUDENT WILL.

Leave the  NASPE Standard(s),  Lesson Plan Components. I will do them myself. The first attached is the lesson plan template  example 

Have attached the lesson plan template example so you will know how to do it. Text me if you are interested 

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