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Informational Interview Assignment:

You must conduct an informational interview as part of this course. Use Pioneer Connect or LinkedIn to reach out to a DU alum or other business professional and conduct an informational interview. You may also utilize professionals you meet through faculty, staff, extracurriculars, athletics, volunteer work, family, friends, etc. Please utilize the guide (below) for sample template emails and sample questions for your interview. Given the current public health situation, the interview may be conducted over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Phone, and other video conferencing platforms. The interview may not be conducted over Email, Linkedin, or other text only mediums.

  • Your reflection should be a minimum of 2 pages and should include the following:
    • Who you interviewed (you do not need to use their actual name but please discuss their role, industry, why you chose them, your contact process, and how the interview was conducted)  
    • What you learned from the conversation and/or your key take-aways
    • How you will apply what you learned to your professional development
  • Do not write a script. If you write a script or narrative of what was discussed, your reflection will not be approved
  • While the content of your reflection paper is of a personal, reflective nature, you are expected to follow conventions of formal, academic writing
  • Ensure your reflection paper is clear, concrete, and free of spelling and grammatical errors

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