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Topic: The connection between bullying and suicide in reference to students. 

(Please use articles that are attached.) 

Requirement Specific Instructions:

Format of paper/ Length 

Your paper must include 3 sections: (1) A cover page, (2) typed text (must be between 3 pages [minimum] and 6 pages [maximum] in length), and (3) a References page. 

Use the following outline to format your paper. Use the below headings in your paper, and address each item within each heading, in the order presented below: 

INTRODUCTION *Introduction of the topic/problem *Provide a brief explanation about why this issue is important *Provide a brief description of what your paper is going to address 

SCOPE OF PROBLEM *Describe the breadth (who/what is affected) and depth (measureable impact) of the problem *Discuss the population(s) affected most by this problem *Describe how the population(s) are affected *Define your variables of interest *Explain why this problem is important to explore and address 

PREVIOUS FINDINGS *Describe previous studies about your chosen problem – research designs – sampling methods – participants utilized in studies – operationalization of independent and dependent variables – theories used – hypotheses tested – major findings 

CRITIQUE OF LITERATURE *Describe the strengths and weaknesses of previous studies methodology (i.e, generalizability, measurement, cultural sensitivity, research design, threats to validity, etc)  

CONCLUSION *In general, describe what previous research has contributed to this topic of interest *Based on limitations of previous studies, describe how future studies can address the weaknesses you identified *Describe possible suggestions for future research by identifying potential research questions, or relationships between variables that need further exploration *Close the literature review with a discussion of implications: Why is your suggestion for future research important? 

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