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Project Monitoring and Control Process Plan 


You created a Project Budget in Unit IV for building a five-bedroom house in Ashburn, VA. Next, in Unit V, you created a Project Schedule for the same house-building project. Then, you developed a Project Communication Plan for your sponsor and stakeholders in Unit VI. 


Now, assume that your building project is two months behind and has a $100,000.00 cost overrun. This should not be a surprise to you because of the monitoring processes. Identify and discuss some of the monitoring processes that could have alerted you of the schedule and cost problems. What are some of the controlling steps you would take to bring both the schedule and the cost back on track? Be sure to justify your answers. 


Refer to Chapter 7 “Monitoring and Controlling the Project” on pages 244-269 of your Project Management in Practice textbook. 


Your Project Monitoring and Control Process Plan should be at least two pages including a summarization and conclusion page. If necessary, include data from the Unit IV Project Budget and Unit V Project Schedule to support your schedule and cost problems. 


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