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1) Phase 3 Deliverable: 

a. Content

i. Heading 1 title: Why SIEM Projects Fail

1. Heading 2 title: SIEM Overreach 

2. Heading 2 title: Technical Challenges 

3. Heading 2 title: Organizational Cooperation 

4. Heading 2 title: Organizational Commitment 

5. Heading 2 title: Level of IT Maturity 

6. Heading 2 title: Just a matter of Installing SIEM 

b. Mechanics:

i. Correct file naming convention used?

ii. Correct Heading Levels used

iii. 1 to 3 single spaced pages in addition to Phase 2 Deliverable 

iv. The Cover page has the following information:

1. Student Name

2. Course ID: ISOL532

3. Course Reference#: example: 123456

4. Project Title: ISOL532 Final Project: Data Security Management

v. The Table of Contents formatted correctly follows the Cover page and is updated to reflect Phase 3 additions

vi. The Body of the paper follows the TOC 

vii. The Bibliography is the last page formatted correctly and updated to reflect Phase 3 additions

viii. Font size: 11 point

ix. Font type: Calibri or equivalent

x. 1 inch margins: Top/Bottom/Left/Right

xi. At least 3 additional APA referenced sources with in-text citations

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