From your self-directed research, identify three relevant, and


Required: NEFE_Financial Capability Among Young Adults
FINRA_Financial Financial Capability Study
Loan Counseling for Graduate and Professional Students
On Google, conduct your own self-directed research. Start with a search for “millennial college debt financial confidence.” Next, search for terms and concepts that you find in this inquiry to help you expand into related sources.
STEP 2: Document Your Experience
From your self-directed research, identify three relevant, and substantial references.
Next, document your own experience. Think about your experience in trying to pay for college and the current state of your financial health. Your goal is to visually document (create a sketch of) your own experience – start to finish and consider the impact of these choices on your current and future financial health and emotional engagement.
Think about, and document, all of the people and resources that you currently use and have used, to help you understand how much your education is going to cost, your financing options, acquisition processes, and how you repay any debt that you secure.
Document the companies you have worked with; your perceptions of their employees and processes; and the evolution of your emotions. Identify the most important points of interaction and your decision points, and jot down how these points make you feel and how they influence your perception of the experience.
STEP 3: Share Your Insights
Write a 500-word summary of your review of the assigned readings and your self-directed research as an introduction to the documentation of your own experience.
Create a visual overview of your experience. You choose the format of the visualization and the content. Your goal is to describe the key touch points of your experience and your feelings using a variety of inputs: pictures, words, textures, materials, etc. It is entirely up to you. Keep it short and sweet – one to two pages, one poster board, etc.
STEP 4: Submit Your Work
Bring your visual overview to class and be prepared to share your experience.
From your self-directed research, submit three citations for your research references and a copy of your visual project in Blackboard by August 28, 2017, at the start of your section. If you make a poster or other tactile work, take a picture of it and upload it to Blackboard.
The file name must be in the following format:
1. MKTG4027_FS17_Section xx_Assign 1_Contextual Background_<last name, first name>_date.pdf

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