Exam | International Business | Park University


  1. In your own words, explain how you would categorize foreign exchange risks faced by the international firm into transaction exposure, translation exposure, and economic exposure.
  2. How can foreign exchange risks be decreased?

2.  Articulate the theories of international trade and investment in your own words. Give an example of one of the theories. 

3. Outline the capital structure choices open to international firms. In your own words, give an example using XYZ company. 

4. In your own words, assess the organizational dimensions that must be considered when selecting organizational structures. 

5. In your own words, assess the process of international strategy, competencies, planning, and international competitive advantage. 

6. Summarize, in your own words, the steps for market screening and techniques for environmental analysis. 

7. Explain change strategies. In your own words, give an example of change strategy that a company could implement. 

8. Reflect on a company’s HR strategy in building global leadership and implementing change strategies. In your own words, discuss if the global leadership and change strategy should differ from the domestic strategy. Explain. 

9. In your own words, evaluate the challenges and opportunities of an expatriate position. How can these challenges be overcome? 

10. Analyze global labor supply factors in terms of quality and quantity. In your own words, present an example of how it varies in quality. 

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