Essential components of innovation, sustainable creativity and


3) Creativity – An essential component of innovation!

Before replying to this discussion forum, be sure that you have reviewed the following required online readings:

 Creating PreConditions for Innovation

· What is Creativity? – (Links to an external site.) 

· Building a Creative Team – (Links to an external site.) 

· Ten Rules for Creative Teams – (Links to an external site.) 

· Seven Elements of a Creative Work Environment – (Links to an external site.)

· Inc. Magazine – (Links to an external site.) 

· Huffington Post – (Links to an external site.)

Identify and discuss at least five keys to developing a supportive environment for creativity to flourish within a business or organization.

(Please be detailed and specific in your response to this forum.  Cite at least two references and demonstrate that you have taken the time to carefully research and write about this question.)

4) Sustainable Creativity and Innovation Management 

 It has been said that for innovation to become sustainable it must be woven into an organization as a “way of life”.  In your opinion, as well as the opinions of others, why is this so difficult to achieve?

What specific advice would you give a company considering a reorganization and reengineering initiative to more fully embrace creativity and innovation as core organizational cultural values, supported by dynamics processes and structure?

(Please be detailed and specific in your response to this forum.  Cite at least two references and demonstrate that you have taken the time to carefully research and write about this question.)

Readings for # 5,6,7

How to Manage Innovation – Forbes Magazine

5) Incremental vs Semi-radical vs Radical Innovation

Chapter #2 begins with a look at three types of innovation.  Discuss the unique challenges of decision making for incremental innovation versus semi-radical innovation versus radical discontinuous innovation.


Reminder, in responding to this discussion, don’t exclusively rely upon your textbook.  Search for insightful differences of opinions by authors that have published on these topics.  As usual, much exists in the library or can be found through an online search. Cite at least two references.

6) Innovation Strategies – Play to Win, or Play Not to Lose?
As your textbook author states on page 59, “One of the first rules of innovation is that you must decide how your organization is going to play the innovation game.”

They have also suggested that innovation strategies can fall into two categories:

1.  Playing to Win (PTW), or

2.  Playing Not to Lose (PNTL)

Explain when each strategy is appropriate for companies that put emphasis in innovation as a driving company value.

How should an organization go about choosing an innovation strategy?

7) Rewarding Innovation
Why is it important for an organization to carefully consider how it reward innovators with a balanced and fair portfolio of incentives?

How is rewarding incremental innovation projects different from rewarding radical innovation projects?

Readings for # 8,9,10

Readings from External Websites on Making Innovation Sustainable

Making Innovation a Part of Your Organizations DNA

 The full document is not available by you might be interested in this link to get you started in ISO 56002:2019: New Standard for Innovation Management Systems –

8) Innovation Measurement 

To quote your textbook authors on page 145, “Measurement is both fundamental and critical to success with innovation.”  With that in mind, explain the roles played by a measurement system. (Please don’t rely just on your textbook. Others have written much on this topic as well.  Do the research.)

Collecting metrics in support of innovation efforts can, at best, be described as complex.  Considering the thoughts of your textbook authors, other leading innovation measurement authors and your personal opinion, list and explain at least six critical things to do in designing and implementing an innovation measurement system.

9) Building a Dynamic Innovation Management System 

How would you define an “Innovation Management System”?

How essential is an innovation system in the overall understanding of innovation and it’s role in an organizations strategic plan?  (Explain your response in detail and not just a short sentence.)

10) Innovation Management – How will you apply what you have studied? 

Managing the change, creativity and innovation activities of an organization is a complex, multi-faceted, and in many ways a never-ending moving target, requiring adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning.

What have been the key lessons learned from this class?

How will you use what you have studied in the days, weeks, and months ahead?

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