Essay – sigurd the volsung

Consider the main character from “Sigurd the Volsung.” What kind of person is Sigurd? What tests of character confront him? To what extent does he pass them? Which temptations does he resist, and which does he find irresistible? Why? How does the role of magic in this epic affect his characterization? How does his behavior affect his heroic image? How does Sigurd’s behavior and experiences connect to modern-day society?


for this essay, opening paragraph would include a claim and explain what your paper is going to do.   Then, in the body of the essay, one paragraph should be allocated for each point (each value) you discuss as you prove that claim while using specific examples from your assigned reading to substantiate them.  Then, the final paragraph would restate the initial claim, summarize your findings and draw conclusions. 

  • Between 1,000–1,100 words in length
  • Adhere to MLA style
  • Any resources (including your book) must be cited and referenced

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