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Directions: 1. Watch one of the following documentaries (most are available on Netflix). 2. Write a 2 page paper (double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins) that includes the following: a. Briefly summarize the premise of the documentary. b. What did you learn from watching it? c. How does the content covered impact public health? d. Would you recommend the documentary to others? Why or why not? e. Anything else you think is important. 


Processed Foods & Nutrition 1. Rotten (2018) – Pick two episodes 2. What’s with Wheat? (2015) – Concern About Wheat 3. Forks Over Knives (2011) – Processed Foods, Obesity, Diabetes 4. Vegucated (2010) – Adopting a Vegan Diet 5. GMO OMG (2013) – Risks of GMO’s 6. TEDTalks: Chew on This (2011) – Truth About Food (Must watch 5 talks) 7. Food Matters (2008) – Modern Medicine and Healthy Eating 8. TransFatty Lives (2015) – Nutrition 9. Plant Pure Nation (2015) – Revolution in Nutrition 10. The Kids Menu (2015) – Kids Opting for Healthy Foods 11. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010) – Steroids, Obesity and Illness 12. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Part 2 (2014) 13. Food Choices (2016) – Impact of Food Choices on Personal and Environmental Health 14. In Defense of Food (2015) – Alternatives to Unhealthy Western Diet 


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