Decorative rocks | Ecology homework help

 How to hide the hatches of technical communications – a landscape designer faces this problem every time when developing a garden design project, because communication hatches should be in easy and quick access, which means – in the most conspicuous place. Our landscape designers are confident that any communications can and should be decorated so that this place will become the “pearl” of your garden while maintaining unhindered access for maintenance.

There are a lot of advantages of this method of camouflaging technical hatches: in fact, it is an artificial stone (decorative cover), hollow inside, much lighter than natural, and due to this, the ease of full access to communications is preserved. Such a cover can be made in any shape and with any texture – even marble, even a felling of a tree! Perhaps this is the most minimalistic and inexpensive way to decorate hatches that are objectionable to the eye. And so that the decorative cover made of artificial stone does not look rustic, we plant several perennials and make a rockery or an alpine slide.

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