Cisco systems | Information Systems homework help

Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP

  1. Cisco was highly successful with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) effort. What accounts for this success? What were the most important things that Cisco did correctly?
  2. Did Cisco do anything wrong on this project? If so, what?
  3. Cisco went lives with ERP in a big bang fashion, which is inherently risky. How did Cisco mitigate this risk?
  4. Was Cisco smart or lucky with its ERP implementation (Hint – do NOT answer both.  Pick one!)?
  5. What one concept from the lecture or the book did you find applicable to this case?

***Answer your questions using the MEAL format (Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, Link).  The first sentence of your answer should include the main idea, or thesis, for the question.  Next, provide evidence with a specific quote or a page number from the case.  Next, analyze the evidence.  Conclude by linking the evidence back to your thesis.

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