Cis 105 assignement 2 excelling with excel



You will be using this file to complete this assignment, so remember to save your changes as you go along.

Hint: When saving this workbook for the first time, Microsoft Excel saves the document in a default location. To save the document in a different location, click another folder or location in the Save As dialog box.  

1. Click File, and then click Save As.

2. Save using the file name – CIS105_Assignment2_FirstName_Last Name_Date.xlsx. 

3. Click Save.



Use this workbook to write down and calculate the costs of the school materials you purchased for this quarter. Consider the following materials you needed for your course work (i.e., use the stated amounts below regardless of the actual items / costs you may have purchased / paid): 

cFirst, in the Title Page worksheet, enter the following information.  

Attactment below

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