Chart and one page | Education homework help


Instruction: Part 1:  Area of Professional Focus (Narrative or written form, 1 Page maximum, double-spaced)

Briefly describe the one (1) concept/research finding/theory/idea and why you believe this area is important for your professional growth and your clients (students/parents/colleagues/community). Double-spaced, please. 

Part 2:  Create a Personalized Action Plan (Chart form, 1 Page)   

The Action Plan is “your action” plan to serve your “clients”…what you will do as a learner, leader/collaborator, and application to families/community to benefit your client(s) progress? 


Learner:  List at least 3 learning activities as a professional (your action plan is your learning activities to meet your professional interest)

Leader/Collaborator:  List at least 1 activity (describe the activity) where you are a leader/collaborator to apply your area of interest.

Family/Community:  List at least 1 activity (describe the activity) that ties how you will apply to family/community needs 

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