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  1.    Ethical decision making requires the ability to analyze situations for potential ethical concerns, and then forming an appropriate ethical response based on ethical guidelines and legal statutes. This assignment allows you to apply the concepts and skills that you have learned to enhance your ethical decision making.

    Review each Ethical Case Scenario.

    Answer the Ethical Case Scenarios for further analysis. Each scenario includes thought-provoking questions; however, you will not submit your responses to these questions. These questions are designed to assist in your ethical decision-making process.

    Complete the Ethical Case Scenarios Worksheet by responding to the questions within the worksheet below                                                                                           
    Submit your Assignment.


University of Phoenix Material 

Ethical Scenarios Worksheet

Choose three of the seven ethical case scenarios.

Answer the following questions for each scenario in 75 to 100 words each.

1. What is the ethical issue described in the scenario? Why is this an ethical issue?

2. Which state laws apply to this scenario? Why are these laws applicable?

3. Which ACA ethical codes apply to this scenario? Why are these codes applicable?

4. What is the proper ethical response for the counselor in this situation?


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