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Week 6 Discussion 1 Attachment  


Please respond to the following:In Chapter 6 of the textbook, table 6.1 lists five competencies that are necessary for an expatriate manager and a transnational manager.  The first competency listed on table 6.1 is global competency .  Give an example (only one please) on how an expatriate manager can successfully manage relationships between HQ and other countries. (Lundby, Kyle; Jolton, & Jeffrey, 1, p. 153).  In contrast, list one and only one example on how a transnational manager incorporates his or her understanding of the “worldwide business environment from a global perspective” for a global company (Lundby, Kyle; Jolton, & Jeffrey, 1, p. 153).   You may find other articles or resources to help you answer the two questions above.  Remember to think from a global perspective.  Think about the skills you would look for from the two managers in relation to a global competency perspective. Also, you are grading for your writing, so please follow Strayer’s Writing Standard (SWS) guidelines. The SWS guidelines are located in the Student Center tab below “Additional Resources”.  

This is what’s listed in table 6.1 ( only pick one) -Local responsiveness, Transition and adaptation, Cross- culture interaction, Foreign experience

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