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This assignment is worth 50 points toward your final grade. For this assignment, you must view some videos and read a case study on the “Big Dig” – a huge infrastructure project that is infamous for going over budget and missing target dates.  Your essay is due at the end of Week Five.


  • Read the attached articlePreview the document from “Ask” magazine
  • View the Boston’s Big Dig Megastructure videos 
  • Then, answer the questions below. 
  • Your final deliverable should be either a MS WORD document or a .pdf file. 
  • Submit your document to the instructor via Canvas


  1. In Week One, we defined “Project Success” as completing within budget, completing on time, delivering required functionality, and satisfying customer requirements. Based on this, would you say that the overall Big Dig project was as failure or a success? Why?
  2. As you  watch the videos, you get a pretty clear picture of this truly massive project. What are FOUR key “lessons learned” that you take away from this case study? Explain.
  3. What happened to the project in 2006? What serious challenges did the project face? How were these challenges overcome?

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