Behavior management plan | Education homework help

Behavior Management Plan 

Based on course readings and theories develop a student behavior management plan. 

The following components must be addressed in a 2 page paper:

*Describe the classroom setting (i.e. grade level, subject area, number of students, ability levels, demographics, ESOL/ESE/Gifted etc.)

*Describe how to address two problem behaviors and two positive behaviors

*Identify one research-based classroom strategy to address each one of the two problem behaviors and positive behaviors and explain your rationale for each strategy

Include at least three credible references (one must be the textbook: ISBN-10: 0132868628 • ISBN-13: 9780132868624)

Helpful Class Videos:

– How To Maintain Classroom Discipline – Good And Bad Methods Training Educational Video (1947!)

– Classroom Management (Elementary): A Morning with Linda Kasarjians 1st Grade Class

– Education & Motivating Students : Motivating At-Risk Students

– Just for Teachers: Motivating Your Students Through a Supportive Environment

– Teach Like A Champion: Cold Call Technique

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