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The Group Assignment provides you with the opportunity to develop a practical perspective on the role of human resources management within organizations, by examining the relationship between various HR functions and how HR supports both employee and organizational goals.

Type: Group

Weight: 30% (Project – 25%; Individual evaluation based on peer feedback – 5%)

· Choose any small, medium or large organization in the private or public sector. You may want to select an organization that a member of your group is currently or has been employed by.

· Identify and describe the key HR functions of the organization and how they support each other. You should select five to seven functions, (e.g., HR Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Health and Safety, Employee Rights, Labour Relations, etc.)

· Explain how the various HR programs developed in these functional areas support employees and the organization’s strategic objectives. This will require you to review and summarize the key components of the organization’s strategic plan (e.g., Vision, Mission, Values). If the organization does not have any developed directional statements, you can provide a summary of the business purpose, organizational goals, and objectives.

· Create a report that is 12 to 15 pages in length, single side, double-spaced, 12-point Arial/Times New Roman, excluding supplemental pages, (e.g., cover page, table of contents, etc.), to be submitted by your group leader no later than the last day of week 7. Only ONE submission per group.

· Each group will conduct a team evaluation of each team member and submit a mark out of 5 for each member on one page. The one-page team evaluation will be submitted as the last page of the report.

Company: Marriott International 

Describe key functions and programs developed in these areas that support employees and organizational strategic objectives.

· Health and Safety – Sharath 

· Labor Relations – Sharath 

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